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Hott Fuzz- Movie Review


Hott Fuzz- Movie Review

Directed By: Edgar Wright

Written By: Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg

Score: Technical: 80, Acting: 85, Story: 85, Overall Score: 83%

Nicholas Angel is London’s top police officer and is in fact so good he is making the rest of London’s finest look bad. Unfortunately his bad luck gets him reassigned to the sleepy little town of Sanford, dubbed the safest town in the country at least that’s what they advertise. Paired with a dimwitted new partner Angel finds that the town is not what everyone seems it to be.

Technically this film was done with a great amount of admiration to other great action flicks; also it is given that special Wright/Pegg touch to it. The special effects in this movie where nothing spectacular.

Receiving Three Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale, Hott Fuzz is definitely going to make its way into the collection and I personally recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good action comedy film. If you loved Shaun of the Dead you will definitely love this movie, it’s even got a few of those really good belly laughs.


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