Directed By: Tony Krantz

Written By: Erik Jendresen

Score: Technical: 79, Acting: 70, Story: 82, Overall Score: 77%

When the wrong surgery is preformed on a forty-year-old IT. Consultant, named Greg, the shit does really hit the fan.

Scheduled for a colonoscopy exam, Greg awakes after surgery to find stitches on the front of his lower abdomen. Confused at first, he thinks very little of it.

Later, the Doctor tells him there has been a mistake, prior to the operation, they mixed up patients, and that a very different operation has been preformed on him.

To add to Greg’s troubles, the operation that he did receive also had complications, and Greg is now suffering from the side effects of this botched surgery.

Ultimately this means more surgery…in the same hospital. As Greg’s suspicions rise to the point of paranoia, he refuses the surgery and becomes even more ill. This leads to more surgery, and suspicion as Greg inflicted mind spirals out of control.

Soon he is not entirely the man he was, prior to coming to Mt. Abaddon Hospital.

The only thing that is bad about this film is the starting music, it is distracting, and very odd. The style is held throughout, however, and at the midway point the music changes pace somewhat, which ends up strengthening the on screen tension.

A true psychological labyrinth, this movie will keep you thinking until the end, as the story twist and turns, causing the mind to bend and wander.

That being said, it is not a movie for everyone. Even though it has been classified as a ‘Horror’, Sublime is a dramatic-suspense movie, which contains comparatively trace amounts of gore when measured up to other movies of the horror-genre.

The amount of corn syrup spilled in this production would barely fill a five-gallon pail, but even without the blood your heart will still pound.

Review by: Nicholas Martin


Sublime (Unrated Edition)

By nmartin