Elske McCain is pleased to announce that her film, JESSICKA RABID, is gearing up for production this September. JESSICKA RABID revolves around the tragic hero of Jessicka who has been systematically abused by her family for her entire life, little did they know they were creating a monster.

“After getting frustrated with other projects that weren’t working out, I decided that I wanted to star and produce the kind of movie I would have liked when I was a kid.”, says Elske, “I took inspiration from my favorite films and got the idea for the film. I have a lot to express as an artist, and I think JESSICKA RABID will allow me to do just that.”�

JESSICKA RABID is the first film to be produced by Elske’s own production company Dahlia Jade Productions, and also marks the third time she has teamed up with the film’s director and personal friend, Matthew Reel. The two have worked previously on the avant-garde grindhouse-styled films THE GOAT SUCKER and ALL THE FRENCH ARE WHORES. “I’m excited to be working with Elske again!”� says Reel. “When she had asked me to write a screenplay for her, I jumped at the chance. I’m extremely proud of it. The closest thing I could compare JESSICKA RABID to would be a cross between Cinderella and Sleepaway Camp.”�

Matthew laughs, “I’m confident there’s not another movie out there like this!”�

JESSICKA RABID also marks the first film appearance of Los Angeles’s own Nekromistress, who is well known in the horror community. Elske and Matthew love her look and charisma and are surprised nobody has put her in a film! “I’m really excited to work alongside Elske!”� Nekromistress writes. “This looks like it will be a fun exploitation film!”�

JESSICKA RABID also boasts some strong musical appearances on the film’s soundtrack. Jon Mikl Thor (ROCK & ROLL NIGHTMARE) and his band The Lords of Steel have written the film’s theme song. The film will also feature music by Clive Jones (Black Widow and Agony Bag) and local death metal act Bound by Blasphemy.

Please visit the team’s MySpace profile ( where a teaser trailer for the film is available. Check frequently for official cast announcements and other news!

Jessicka Rabid Picture

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