Ok people……so August is looking quite promising for heavy metal concert dvd releases.

on August 14th is the long awaited KISSOLOGY 2:1978-1991 which deals with the exit
of Peter Criss, (who by the way just released a new solo cd called “one for all”) through
the Eric Carr years, including taking off the make-up,tons of concert footage,(some stores
will have versions with bonus dvd’s in them with even more concert footage), and this
package ends in 1991 with the tragic death of Eric “The Fox” Carr. What a great fucking
drummer he was,and this dvd set will prove it.

Kiss: Kissology Volume II 1978-1991

Later in the month, on August 28th, we will be hit with “HEAVEN AND HELL:LIVE FROM
RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL” CD AND DVD. Remember this is Black Sabbath with the 1981
line-up of Ronnie James Dio(vocals),Tony Iommi(guitar),Geezer Butler(bass guitar), and
Vinnie Appice(drums). This should be really cool because I seem to recall on the
“LIVE EVIL” album, Ronnie saying they were filming for a concert video that never came
out. So finally,we will get a concert video with the same line up,but this is from just this
year. The Live album and video was recorded in New York City and feature only songs from
THE DIO YEARS” albums. So all songs are songs they originally recorded with Dio.

This is going to kick major ass!!!!!

Ok you bloody lot……..until we meet again-

Ace Diamond

Live From Radio City Music Hall

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