Trailer for the upcoming independent film “Kill Kill Faster Faster” by director Gareth Maxwell Roberts.

Synopsis: Completed in June 2007, ‘Kill Kill Faster Faster’ is a hard boiled contemporary film noir inspired by the novel of the same name by Joel Rose. A poignant love story that is tragic and bitter sweet. Written and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts, it was produced by Carlo Dusi.

Joe One-Way serves a life stretch for the murder of his teenage bride Kimba. Inspired to write by Clinique, his cellmate and mentor, Joe writes the play ‘White Man: Black Hole’. New York film producer Markie Mann pulls strings to have Joe paroled, contracting him to write the screenplay. Fleur is Markie’s wife, a one-time hooker and ex-con, who can’t help but fall for kindred spirit Joe. Their attraction is irresistible. Fleur is Joe’s salvation. Propelled on a journey of obsession, guilt and lust, Joe struggles between the pull of heroin, his violent impulses and the desire to redeem himself in the eyes of his estranged twin daughters. Joe One-Way soon discovers that life on the outside may be too dangerous even for him.

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