Russ from Flashback Formula Films sent us the official movie poster and synopsis for the upcoming indie thriller “Loose End” by director Damian Morter.

Synopsis: “Loose End” is a tale of revenge, murder and betrayal. Jacks eyes open. The tall overbearing trees tower above him; as he attempts to move, a sharp pain shoots through his chest. He cries out in agony, and looks down to see his shirt, drenched in blood as the hole in his chest oozes blood. He manages to crawl into the open and with no sign of life he staggers to a warehouse hidden amongst the trees, with only one thing left on his mind…vengeance on all those who betrayed him. Leaving a devastating trail of death and chaos, Jack soon uncovers a twisted conspiracy, where no one is innocent. “To get revenge…he must first begin at the end”

Check out the films official myspace website here for more details.

Loose End Poster

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