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Dario Argento MOTHER OF TEARS news


Dario Argento MOTHER OF TEARS news

By Patricia Martinez

Dario Argento is finally wrapping up his trilogy. Set to release in October. His trilogy which began with Suspiria in 1977 and then did Inferno in 1980 will finally come to a conclusion.

The film is about a young American art student, played by Asia Argento, she opens an ancient urn that unleashes the demonic power of a witch. Suicides plague the city and witches from all over the world converge on Rome to pay homage, Sarah must use all her own psychic powers to stop the ‘Mother of Tears’ before her evil conquers the world.

According to recent news Myriad Pictures and The Weinstein Company will unite to handle North American distribution and release “Mother of Tears” theatrically sometime after the beginning of 2008. Keep an eye out on Toxic Shock TV for more Dario Argento news.

Mother of Tears stills Dario Argento

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