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By Brian Corder

Cast: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas
James Remar and C.S. Lee.

Original Release Date: September 30, 2007

Scores: Technical: 95, Story: 98, Acting: 98, Overall Score: 97

Episode 201: It’s Alive, Directed by Tony Goldwyn

Episode 202: Waiting To Exhale, Directed by Marcos Siega

Episode 203: An Inconvenient Lie, Directed by Tony Goldwyn

Episode 204: See-Through, Directed by Nick Gomez

The folks at Showtime were kind enough to send us the first four episodes of “Dexter: Season 2” prior to the release on September 30, 2007 and I’ve got to say, for what I’ve seen so far — Dexter Season 2 may prove to be more addicting than the first!

After the death of his brother the infamous Ice Truck Killer, Dexter gets along with business, investigating crime, contemplating his next murder — you know, the usual. Unfortunately, he begins to doubt his ability to kill, he becomes incapable of killing and to top it all off, he could be the prime suspect in a FBI murder investigation.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek at Episode 1 from Dexter Season 2 by clicking HERE. The password is Killer Shows!

Dexter Season 2 Promo

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