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Burbank, CA – September 27, 2007 – Windchill Films, an affiliate of Snowfall Films, today announced its latest sci-fi horror feature film “Portal” has been named an Official Selection for Best Picture at both the upcoming Shockerfest International Film Festival and the Horror Fest – UK.

“Positively chilling,” said PORTAL Executive Producer James Thorpe. “A twisted mix of “Rosemary’s Baby” meets “Memento” inside “The Twilight Zone,” PORTAL is that truly unique project producers’ dream of — a compelling fear-driven mystery with an eerie sci-fi element, executed with a highly-stylized European sensibility. When I heard that Andy Strahorn, DP of Lionsgate’s Aussie film “The Undead” agreed to come on board, I knew we had a hit in the making.”

As a Best Picture selection, PORTAL has quickly generated a buzz for the upcoming Shockerfest International Film Festival taking place in California October 6 and 7, to be followed by the Horror Fest – UK November 5 – 11 in England.

“This atmospheric film takes its lead from old school horror, but breathes in new life,” exclaimed Joe Jenkins, Founder, Horror Fest – UK, PORTAL is a thinking man’s film.”

PORTAL Director Geoff Schaff, whose work has garnered 13 Emmy nominations and 4 wins, explained, PORTAL’s storyline feels like a familiar, but frightening experience we have all had. The principal characters are caught literally in a fog, but also in a psychological fog that clouds their judgment and prevents them from extricating themselves from the trap that the witches have constructed. Like an insect caught in a trap, the exit is always tantalizingly close and available, but only one of the characters is able to discern it.”

“PORTAL unfolds entirely inside our leading character’s claustrophobic nightmare. It’s a very European Style.” Schaaf concluded, “We shot it at the last of the old Route 66 monuments. When you arrive at this vintage motel it is like stepping back in time which couldn’t be more perfect for a film like Portal, where time stands still.”

PORTAL stars CHRIS CONRAD “Young Hercules”, “Quebec” and ALEXANDER MARTIN, “Three Priests” (grandson of Dean Martin), KEVIN DOBSON, “The Bold And The Beautiful, “One Life To Live”, “Knots Landing”, ANGELL CONWELL “Soul Plane”, JESSICA BARTH, “Next” and MARY STEIN star of “Babe, Pig in the City”.

For more information, visit and, also be sure to check out the films official myspace website HERE.

Portal Horror Movie Still

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Skull Master

    April 2, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    I hear this movie is very well done!
    I have hreard talk of a new horror film called nature Of The Beast that sounds incredibly eerie!! It is to be produced by Chuck Disney of Maricopa Films. I wonder if he is a relative of Watl Disney?!!! Anyway I look forward to this upcoming film. The website for Nature of the Beast is (I think)..Happy Spooking!!!

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