Check out the latest interview with Corey Feldman (Lost Boys 2, Goonies, Stand By Me) at the Universal Eyegore Awards 2007.

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One thought on “COREY FELDMAN exclusive interview LOST BOYS 2”
  1. The best moment in this movie was the brief cameo by Corey Haim at the very end. You see, simple truth, Corey Haim can actually ACT…something poor,greasy Feldman never could. I don’t care if Haim is a junkie, a wannabe painter or a complete basketcase -I’ll take that over an over processed pseudo-hollywood, reality show dwelling douchbag (ala Feldman) any day. I would also like to go on record as saying that Feldman wife…Susie or whatever that stupid whore’s name is…needs smacked until her white trash bone structure turns into a decent gene pool. I mean WHO rocks ‘color me bad’ eyebrows like that in 2009? Lost Boys; The Tribe is a b-movie disaster…even the tongue and cheek moments where beyond cliche. The make-up was a nightmare, the cast a joke and the straight to video release a blessing.

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