Trailer from the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft adaptation “Pickmans Model” by director Gary Fierro and starring Conor Timmis (Kreating Karloff) as “Richard Upton Pickman”, Jesse Murphy (Banshee!!!) as “Thurber”, and Derek Meinecke as “Eliot”.

Synopsis: When two estranged friends, Thurber and Eliot, meet for drinks, Eliot finds that Thurber is not the person he once knew. Thurber reveals that Pickman, a man he was using as a source for a paper on Weird art, is linked to his change in demeanor.
It begins with a simple invitation to view Pickman’s work at his isolated studio in Boston’s North End. And ends with the apprehension that what lurks in the foreground of Pickman’s work is far more sinister than the art itself.
Adapted from the original short story “Pickman’s Model” by: H.P. Lovecraft.

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