To celebrate the release of one of the gnarliest films in recent memory, Dark Sky Films has set up an exclusive Dark Sky peep show! Head over to now to check out a sneak peek (or ten) of some of the sickest clips from RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE. The peep show is like an on-demand service – vote for your favorite clip and, the day before Ricco is formally released (January 28th), the clip with the highest amount of votes will be streamed in its entirety!

RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE stars cult film favorites Barbara Bouchet, Christopher Mitchum, Malisa Longo, and Arthur Kennedy, and has been noted by directors like Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as a personal favorite. Remastered from original vault materials, RICCO boasts an anamorphic widescreen presentation and a new featurette with actor Christopher Mitchum, created exclusively for this Dark Sky Films DVD release.

Released from prison after a two-year stretch, Ricco Aversi (Christopher Mitchum, Summertime Killer) goes gunning for merciless drug smuggler Don Vito (Arthur Kennedy, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie), who not only had his father brutally murdered but also stole his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend (Malisa Longo, Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle). Teaming up with a beautiful con-artist (Barbara Bouchet, The Red Queen Kills 7 Times), Ricco’s blood-soaked path to vengeance knows no bounds. RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE features plenty of grisly foul play, including some unlucky victims that experience acid bath baptisms, rifle-butt dentistry, switchblade circumcision, .45 caliber brain surgery, and other scenes beyond your wildest, and worst, imagination. Additionally, RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE includes one of the sexiest striptease scenes in cinema history courtesy of Barbara Bouchet.

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