Check out the latest movie poster for the horror film “Backwoods Bloodbath” from director
Donn Kennedy. “Backwoods Bloodbath” is one of the Insomnifest selected titles.

Insomnifest is the first ever online horror film festival and will be broadcasted for the entire world to view over a two week period in February of 2008 at The festival will take place between the 14th of February and the 26th of February. We will be showing twelve horror flicks from all over the world and several of them will be world premieres. The movies will be streamable for $4,99 per movie.

Synopsis: In 1877, a fierce creature, known as Bovinus Spiritualis (the Black Hodag) was discovered in the northern woods of Oneida County, Wisconsin. To this day, locals whisper of the Black Forest, and the curse of the creature that dwells within. “Backwoods Bloodbath” is an old school horror-gore flick about six friends who take a road trip to a back country town where a local legend has been feeding off the population for decades, only to find themselves becoming the latest items on the creature’s menu.

Backwoods Bloodbath is currently entertaining audiences at film festivals all over America and this is your opportunity to check out this gory horror movie in all its glory before it hits the DVD shelves. If you thought you knew the legend… you thought wrong!

Backwoods Bloodbath Movie Poster Insomnifest

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