Check out the “Forgotten Rites” flash game from Arcade Town.

Description: A futuristic fantasy adventure flash game set in the creative and unique story of the Drakojan series.The Drakojans have once again regained their ancient roles as the ?Bringers of Culture? for the Ethonian people. Emerging from their caves, they wander out to help everyone better themselves as a species, improve the planet and bring them closer to nature.Tanisha is about to enter a building plagued by strange events, near an ancient city of the ?Pioneers? on a mission to seek help. Her survival now relies on what the Drakojans have taught her.

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3 thoughts on “Play the Forgotten Rites online flash game”
  1. so how do you play this game, “forgotten rites” ??? i only went to the security room and dont know where to go next. so where do i go now? can someone just help play this game???!

  2. Why can’t I continue the game? I’ve beaten all three spiders, and now the mission log is instructing me to “find the security room”. I went in there, the person said nothing new and now I have no idea what to do!

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