Check out some recent gameplay footage for the upcoming video game “Numen” for the Nintendo Wii and PC.

Description: In this action/RPG, you become a hero with an enduring body and strong will who travels in world of Greek mythology, becoming stronger with every quest! The action takes place in а marvelous world of the ancient Greece full of mythical creatures, legendary warriors and ambitious Gods. Villages and settlements spread over vast seashores and stony plains are full of both hostile and peaceful inhabitants.

All your movements are being watched by immortal Olympians — immortal but not impassive! They have an argument: who can be named the most powerful among them? So the Gods have decided that each of them must train one human hero. The God whose hero turns to be the strongest will be the winner! After you choose one of 3 classes for your character (magician, warrior, hunter) you should select your own God who becomes your patron. Divine tutors are different in bonuses, talents and capabilities, which they can give to you. Game style, quests and secret locations are also different for each character as you set out to fight against dangerous enemies like Cerberus, Medusa Gorgone, Haron, Cyclop, Centaurs and Nubians!

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