According to Corey Feldman’s official blog here, some additional scenes are being shot for the “Lost Boys 2: The Tribe”.

Corey Feldman writes, “Rumor is circulating that we may be doing some additional photography for the film, assuming pick ups or scenes from the script that we didn’t initially get around to. Which to me is a very good sign, because the studio usually doesn’t bother if they don’t really like a film.”

Now we learn that the additional photography Corey speaks of on his blog may in fact be the missing Sam Emerson scenes, played by Corey Haim.

Will all of the reshoots effect the release? No. “Lost Boys 2: The Tribe” is still on schedule to be released this summer!

CLICK HERE to take a look at our exclusive interview with Corey Feldman and his wife Susie Feldman at Universal Studios.

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