According to director Neil Marshall, Mankind has an Expiration Date. The official “Doomsday” website has fully launched and is loaded with new R- Rated clips, 3D games and much more! To get to the all-new RESTRICTED content on the killer website visit: The official DOOMSDAY MySpace page has also just launched:, add the film profile as your friend to get the film news updates!

Here’s the website details:

– “Maurader Massacre” 3D Game: Enter the Hot Zone and play the killer 3D game

– Restricted Section: Get a shocking inside look at DOOMSDAY by viewing the films R-Rated clips

– THE WALL: Visit the world behind THE WALL to view team profiles

– DOOMSDAY trailer- get a glimpse of the future and share it with your friends.

– “The Making of DOOMSDAY”- Go behind-the-scenes of the making of DOOMSDAY

– View new production stills and learn more about the story…

– NEW DOOMSDAY MySpace Page:

– Direct links to Neil Marshall’s MySpace page and the official DOOMSDAY Facebook group!

– MySpace: Neil Marshall Page:

– Facebook: Join the “DOOMSDAY is coming! The Official Neil Marshall Group” – Click Here

Doomsday Movie Website Official Site

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