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Cast: Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor, Megumi Okina, John Hensley, Maya Hazen and David Denman.

Original Release Date: In Theaters March 21, 2008

Scores: Technical: 95, Story: 90, Acting: 95, Overall Score: 93

Directed by: Masayuki Ochiai

A newlywed couple Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) move to Japan for a promising job opportunity – a fashion shoot in Tokyo. During their trip on a dark forest road they experience a tragic car accident, leading to the death of a young local girl. Upon regaining consciousness, they find no trace of her body. A bit distraught the couple arrives in Tokyo to begin their new life. Meanwhile Ben begins noticing strange white blurs in many of his fashion shoot photographs. Jane believes that the blurs are actually spirit photography of the dead girl who they hit on the road, and that she may be seeking vengeance.

Shutter is based on the 2004 hit Thai film of the same name, re-envisioned by director Masayuki Ochiai (Infection). Without giving too much of the story away, it all comes down to a disgruntled spirit. Actors Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor do a fine job of creating a believable relationship, while building up the films tension. The beautiful cinematography, and an eerie score draw you in to the intriguing story long enough to deliver some genuinely scary moments. Shutter is a creepy and unsettling film, an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller. It’s Fatal Attraction meets The Grudge.

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