Check out the latest movie poster from the upcoming short horror movie “Creepers” by director Nick Thiel and starring Sarah Ashley, CJ Johnson, and Dallas Pierce.

Synopsis: Los Angeles, California has become ground zero for mysterious attacks, destroying the city. But, the unknown source behind the attacks is quickly overshadowed when death and destruction surrounds everyone. A question in humanity is then asked…when the world ends… who can you trust?

Two strangers, Thompson (CJ Johnson) and Bridget (Sarah Ashley) are forced into a small house, trying to escape the terror that surrounds them. Amid the human screams, Thompson and Bridget must survive in a world that has changed, overtaken by something otherworldly. As answers to the chaos that reigns amongst them, a sinister truth is revealed… Thompson and Bridget may not be who they seem at all… Be paranoid.

Creepers movie poster from Nick Thiel

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