Watch the official Myspace TV trailer for the upcoming web series series “Beyond The Rave”, MySpaceTV’s first UK co-production with Hammer Films.

Synopsis: The story follows the last hours of freedom of British soldier Ed, who is flying out to Iraq in the morning. With the help of his best friend Necro, he spends his last night in the UK tracking down his missing girlfriend Jen, last seen partying with a bizarre group of night time ravers led by the enigmatic Melech. As he catches up with Jen at a rave deep in a remote forest, Ed discovers that Melechs crowd, who are throwing the event, are looking for more than a night of hedonistic abandon, and that not everyone will make it through to dawn. With an exciting British cast including Jamie Dornan (Marie Antoinette), Nora-Jane Noone (The Descent), Tamer Hassan (The Football Factory, Eastern Promises) and Sadie Frost (Dracula, Shopping), Beyond the Rave promises to deliver all the ingredients of a Hammer classic made for a 21st Century audience: vampires, blood, death and suspense throughout.


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