Take a look at the latest foreign movie poster from the upcoming untitled film “X-Files 2” by director Chris Carter and starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

X-Files 2 movie poster 2 with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

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One thought on “POSTER: X-Files 2 movie poster 2 with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson”
  1. Our dream that! Years I waited for that day, here in Bethlehem of Para not the film debuted on the date certain, but I still hope, after all I waited 10 years to see them again, but why not wait 5 days, right? ! But I thank God to see that in fact the film is perfect, as some have good days críticas.Eu need to be able to describe the emotion I felt, and our … The Chris had a great idea with the credits in final, aiiiii that liindoo, is not even argue it was beautiful.
    I only have to thank God for the people who have done PENSAM as Mr Chris, without it what would be the humaniadade? Or better of me? Achoq eu speak for all fans when I say: Thanks, Chris!
    We have a great dream and all the fans to know Gillian and David, and I know that some day they personally I say: I love the most, but I do not know life without the presence of each one, in fact you are my ion connection, the connection that HCL is, are the be that God sent my life … These are people who conserteza part of my life, people who complete my ser.Esse the coming days, I believe in God, and he I can only give what I have a dream … They all around me.
    But the meantime I can only speak to them via the internet and to imagine that a lot of times they do not receive the eye and not comment on their Blogs not because they do not want but that does not have its time and always try to understand.
    The Film Archive X was perfeitoo, success as I have not argue … But I know that perfection that was created can take up to the Oscar for best film and best everything.
    File x2 “I want to believe,” wonderful.

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