Watch the latest movie trailer for the upcoming horror film “Hush” by director Amel J. Figueroa and starring Tony Todd, Courtney Gains and Reggie Bannister.

Synopsis: “HUSH” follows the final descent of Michael Rose, a college student troubled by an abusive past, haunted by his nightmares, and tortured by his “other self.” Michael spends his days playing music, hanging with his friend, JD, and thinking about his dead mother. Withdrawn from most social life, he falls for Isabel, a strong charismatic woman who works at the local video store. Torn between his feelings for Isabel and his fears of the apparitions that haunt his dreams and the voices in his head; Michael plunges deeper into his dark world where the line between insanity and reality blur. As Michael attempts to fight off violent memories of the past and the present, he must also contend with the obnoxious new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, an old buddy of his who since stealing his girl takes every opportunity to push Michael over the edge. At the climax of this film, Michael must come face to face with his innermost demons, and finally come to a point of reassuring contentment, or utter insanity. Will the first possible love of Michael’s life save him from himself, or will he become more cold and sadistic than his old man ever was?

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