Take a look at the official DVD artwork and details for the upcoming Dimension Extreme release “Steel Trap” by director Luis Camara.

Street Date: July 15, 2008

Actors: Georgia Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale, Julia Ballard, Joanna Bobin, Annabelle Wallis, Adam Rayner, Frank Maier

Director: Luis Camara

Writer: Luis Camara, Gabrielle Galanter

Producer: Daniel Baur, Oliver Simon

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Synopsis: A New Year’s bash in an abandoned high-rise building turns into a grisly bloodbath when five guests receive a mysterious text invite to a VIP party on the 27th floor. Joined by two crashers, the strangers soon realize they’re trapped and the only way out are the twisted clues left by a murderous psychopath. The catch? Each game leads to one of their own gruesome deaths. With a series of shocking twists, STEEL TRAP holds you in its grip all the way to its mind-blowing ending.

Runtime: 92
Languages: English
Screen Format: WS
Audio: Dolby 5.1
US Rating: R

Steel Trap Horror Movie DVD Artwork

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