According to the producers, the first “The Dead Matter” movie trailer is coming July, the picture is locked and the director with cast will appear at this years Comic-con.

Plans are being made to debut the first trailer to “The Dead Matter” at the San Diego Comic-Con July 23-27 at the MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE SOUNDTRACKS booth. Also appearing at the booth (soon to be confirmed) are director Edward Douglas and cast members Sean Serino, Christopher Robichaud, Tom Nagel, CB Spencer, and Brian Van Camp.

“The Dead Matter” achieved picture lock this past week. “The test screenings went extremely well, said Edward Douglas, “there’s a tremendous amount of excitement building around here as we head into this next stage.”

In addition to the Visual FX work being done by Robert Kurtzman and Precinct 13 Entertainment, work on Midnight Syndicate’s “The Dead Matter” CD and the score is also underway. “The Dead Matter” CD is a disc of music inspired by the film as well as some music from the actual film that will be released in August of this year. “Just in time for Halloween,” said Midnight Syndicate’s Gavin Goszka. “we’re really happy with how the disc is coming together. It will definitely give people a taste of what is to come.”

Midnight Syndicate’s The Dead Matter CD coming August.

The Dead Matter Still

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