Genius Products recently released the latest DVD artwork and details for the upcoming release “Hybrid” starring Corey Monteith and Justine Bateman.

Synopsis: The eight installment in the “Maneater Series,” Hybrid introduces a whole new maneating beast that howls under the moonlight and is eager to bite. When a young man is blinded in an explosion, he becomes the first human subject to undergo a cross-species transplant. Receiving the eyes of a wolf, he can now see in the dark. Unfortunately, he also starts seeing other humans as prey. Ordered to be hunted down and destroyed, he seeks shelter with a mysterious museum curator—a half-breed female herself. Hybrid delivers a snarling twist on the werewolf genre for an all new generation of animal lovers.

Street Date: July 8, 2008

Actors: Cory Monteith, Justine Bateman

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 90
Languages: English
Screen Format: WS
US Rating: NR
DVD Key Selling Point:

– 8th Title in the Genius-Branded “Maneater Series”
– First time on DVD!

Hybrid DVD Artwork and Details

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