Cast: Mark Wahlberg as Elliot Moore, Zooey Deschanel as Alma Moore, John Leguizamo as Julian, Ashlyn Sanchez as Jess, Spencer Breslin as Josh, Betty Buckley as Mrs. Jones and Jeremy Strong as Private Auster.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Scores: Technical:66 , Story:70 , Acting:59 , Overall Score: 65

Synopsis: The film opens in New York’s Central Park, when people suddenly fall into a strange trance and begin committing suicide. New York, construction workers throw themselves off buildings. Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square, a string of people kill themselves with a police officer’s firearm.Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), is teaching science class in Philadelphia when the principal ends classes due to reports of an apparent bioterrorist attack on Central Park.

Review: One of the movies you’ll probably see advertised this week is “The Happening” Directed, Produced and Written by M. Night Shyamalan. There was a lot of hype going into this release of The Happening “June 13, 2008”. I was definitely excited, I showed up early, got the big popcorn, the giant soda, and even got the extra big candy so I wouldn’t miss any part. From all of the advertisement, you would believe that this first R Rated M. Night Nhyamalan movie would be an instant hit. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

M. Night Shyamalan is a wonderful director & writer but the cast of “The Happening” lacked direction. In movies you always fall in love or hate the characters. The Happening failed to pull you into the movie and care one way or another. The cast may not necessarily be to blame, it seemed like the cast may have been having a hard time grasping on what M. Night Shyamalan was trying to do.

The only time I found myself sucked into the film was at the beginning with all of all the mayhem. People killing themselves in the grittiest & most horrific way possible. People hanging from trees all around, Construction workers just strolling off skyscrapers, and people just simply shooting themselves in the head. The rest of the movie just seems to slow down to a crawl. Other than a few good Elliot (Mark Wahlberg) moments, the film was simply underperformed. C-

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3 thoughts on “The Happening Movie Review”
  1. The Happening could have been way better. The acting wasnt very good at all. The only reasons to watch the screen was
    1. Payed about TEN dollars for it
    2. The Deaths
    3. Went with my parents so had to wait.
    It deserves its C-or less

  2. the happening was a HORRIBLE movie! i actually walked out. at first it was like… okay so maybe a story line? then it became apparent that no there was NOT a compelling story line just people killing themselves discustingly(may i mention the riding lawn mower???), some horrible acting, and an even more ridiculous cause for all the mayhem… the trees?? it was the plants?
    a waste of time and money for sure

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