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Here’s our complete Walkthrough:

1. Click the green book and take the green grid.

2. Click under the lounge, take the stick.

3. Click the louge and take the star on the top left hand of the lounge.

4. Click on the plant, take the green paper from the right hand side.

5. Go Right, click the yellow box, click on the paper back of the red box and see the arrow on the track

6. Click on the ball, then click on the corner of the rug and take the blue triangle.

7. Go Right Twice, click right towards the red bin. Take another stick from the side of the

8. Click on the middle drawer, take the green paper.

9. Turn Left, click on the train track.

10. Take a piece of the track which is the eighth piece counting from the front of the train.

11. Zoom on the red track, click again and you’ll get the red key.

12. Turn right, insert the key in the top drawer. Take the scissors.

13. Click on the wood toy to the left, take the scissors and cut the string near the circle.

14. Zoom in on the stick, attach the other stick together with the string in your inventory.

15. Turn Right Twice, Zoom in on the box in the ceiling. Use your stick and click on the yellow box.

16. Take the pink key.

17. Insert the key in the red box, click the book and turn pages to the end.

18. Take the orange key.

19. Turn right twice, insert the key in the bottom drawer.

20. Take the hammer. Zoom out and click on the pig on the top cabinet. Use hammer on the pig and pick up the coin.

21. Zoom in on the coin, flip it over to see the pin number. Insert the number in the bottom right side of the cabinet.

22. Take the red circle tape above the inside.

23. Click on the toy to the left and insert all shapes, click the toy and take the pliers inside.

24. Turn left, Zoom in on the fish picture, zoom in on the nail, use your pliers. Click the pic and push the button.

25. Click on the green paper, and make a swan with it.

26. Place the swan in the swan shape on the shelf under the button.

27. Click on the green grid, click again and turn the grid over.

28. Memorize pic in order, then go back and press each button according to the picture. The fish and teddy are underneath, the wolf pick on the cabinet and the swan which is highlighted on the wall next to the clock.

29. Click on the top left ear.

30. Click the square piece that sticks out, click the button and the room should go dark.

31. Turn Left and insert the coin in the top left cabinet. You will find a safe. Use the grid to click the right buttons. Make the grid with the reflection on the window.

32. If the buttons are correct, a key will hang down infront of the window. Click on the key, and your out!!

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