Special Effects Legend and Filmmaker Robert Kurtzman (Wishmaster, The Rage) and his team at Precinct 13 Entertainments special effects division Robert Kurtzman’s “CREATURE CREW” have been set to create the effects “Nagin” for Spit Image Productions and director Jennifer Lynch who’s most recent film “Surveillance” premiered at Cannes last month.

Two of the top stars in India, Mallika Sherawat, and Irrfan Khan (The Namesake, The Mighty Heart) will star. The story centers on the Far Eastern myth of the snake women who can take human form. The Split Image production is set to start next month in India. This will mark the first Bollywood-Hollywood creative collaboration. Thus the first Creature Feature Horror Musical ever.

“The Snake Woman – There have been over 50 Snake Woman films made in Asia (India, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand) and two of the top TV shows currently on air both in India and China are based on the legend. Given the population of India, China and the Far East the Snake Woman has more fans than The Werewolf, Vampire, and Mermaid combined. We hope to make the definitive version and also introduce the 5000yr old legend of the Shape shifting Snake Woman to the West, who must have had their fill of Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies!” Govind Menon (Producer)

“We at Creature Crew are very excited to be involved with the project which will present for the very first time an American Werewolf style Human to Snake transformation utilizing state of the art special make-up and animatronics not seen in earlier incarnations of the Snake Women films” Robert Kurtzman

Kurtzman and company are currently busy completing the FX work on “Boogeyman 3” for Sam Raimi’s & Rob Tapert’s Ghosthouse Pictures and director Gary Jones as well as the Precinct 13 Ent. / Midnight Syndicate produced “The Dead Matter.”

Kurtzman’s recently completed post production on “To Live and Die” an action/thriller he directed for MGM and Producer David Greathouse and is set to direct the film adaptation of Mark Kidwell’s acclaimed comic series “Bump” starring Tobin Bell, Sean Flannery, Ashley Laurence.

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