Over the weekend at Comic Con, Crystal Lake Entertainment released the first official movie poster from the upcoming Friday The 13th Remake by director Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and starring Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti, Travis Van Winkle and Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees.

Synopsis: Whitney (Amanda Righetti), Jenna (Danielle Panabaker), Trent (Travis VanWinkle), and the other counslers at Camp Crystal Lake find themselves hunted down by a machete weilding maniac known as Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears). Meanwhile Whitney’s brother Clay (Jared Padalecki) shows up looking for her, after she goes missing.

Stay tuned to Toxic Shock TV for the latest Friday the 13th remake stills and news.

Friday The 13th Movie Poster

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5 thoughts on “POSTER: Friday the 13th Remake Comic Con Movie Poster”
  1. I’m totally sick of remakes. Especially when they remake kick ass movies like this one. They better do it justice!

  2. This could actually be a good thing, the original Friday the 13th was a bit dated. Maybe they will do something cool with the special effects.

  3. Seriously, stop whining over remakes. If you don’t like them then just don’t watch them. Watch the old one over again instead.

    I LOVE remakes and sequels. If I like the original then it will be fun to see a more modern and updated (especially effects) version of it. If I didn’t like the original or it was and old movie – then the remake will only be better.

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