You’ve listened to it, partied, laughed and cried to it, now here is your chance to finally watch it: Rehab’s “Bartender Song” (Sittin’ at a Bar) is now a full length music video complete with scandal, drama, romance, car chases, explosions and a mustachioed bartender played by Danny Trejo ( Grindhouse, Machete ). Check out the video here. Be sure to pay attention at the beginning of the video for a reference to that really small song by some chick named Amy Winehouse.

A remix for “Bartender Song” featuring country-legend Hank Williams Jr. is ‘What’s Hot’ this Week in the iTunes Store. You can purchase the song by clicking here. “Bartender Song” (Sittin At A Bar) is the #60 Overall Top Song and #6 Rock Song on iTunes this week.

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