In celebration of the upcoming release of Death Race on August 22, 2008, Universal Pictures sent us three really cool Death Race prize packs for three lucky Toxic Shock TV members. The prize pack includes an awesome t-shirt, a hat and a tank top!

“Death Race” by director Paul W.S. Anderson stars actor Jason Statham ( Transporter 3, Crank 2 ), Joan Allen and Ian McShane (Deadwood, Kung Fu Panda). Step back “The Dark Knight”, this one looks like its going to be one hell of a ride!

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Death Reach Theatrical One-Sheet

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6 thoughts on “Win a Death Race Prize Pack from Universal Pictures”
  1. Death Race is going to be so killer. The cars look cool and the cast is great. I’m positive that it will be better than the original.

  2. The original was great. Okay, the FX sucked but it was a great story, great concept, and great characters. I hope this one is as good with better FX. The cast is certainly good enough. In an age of metrosexual actors (what variety of a freaking pirate is Johnny Depp supposed to be…) Jason Statham is an original.

  3. Death Race 2000 is a cult classic that has disappeared from our memories and deserves a revamp in the main stream world of movie making. Not just so we can get a taste of the classic but a fresh new age take on the gritty concept. I hope to see both old and new in the spotlight, both standing equally as strong together and on their own.

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