by Brian Corder

Title: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Cast: Trevor Matthews, Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Rachel Skarsten and James A. Woods.

Directed by: Jon Knautz

Scores: Technical:90 , Story:80 , Acting:90 , Overall Score: 87

Meet Jack Brooks, not a great plumber, but one hell of a monster slayer. As a young child, Jack Brooks witnesses a massacre of his entire family, by something not human. Years later he finds himself with an incredibly bad temper and in a class he hates, with a girlfriend he hates and a therapist who drives him nuts. Unfortunately Jack’s teacher Professor Crowley accidentally unleashes an ancient evil, and transforms into a hideous man-eating monster.

I really enjoyed this one! Not only is Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer a well assembled film with some great production values, its also loaded with tons of monsters and a good amount of gore. Did I mention that this is probably the best role Robert Englund has done in years? His wacky and bumbling character absolutely steals the screen!

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was a truly entertaining movie, with a talented cast and a really solid storyline. If your a fan of horror comedies than this one is for you!

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