Watch the latest movie trailer from the upcoming comedy “Ping Pong Playa” by director Jessica Yu ( Grey’s Anatomy, The West Wing ) and starring Jimmy Tsai, Roger Fan ( Drillbit Taylor, Stuck on You ) and Shelley Malil.

Synopsis: Christopher “C-Dub” Wang is a suburban guy who waxes political on all things Asian American and clings to pro basketball pipe dreams. But when misfortune strikes his family, C-dub must overcome living at home, working a dead-end job and his worldly older brother, to run his Mom’s ping pong classes and defend the family’s athletic dynasty.

In theaters September 5th! For more info, visit:

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2 thoughts on “Funny new trailer from Ping Pong Playa”
  1. Looking forward to the new movie Ping Pong Playa. It’s about a guy who wants to be a basketball star, but ends up teaching his mother’s ping pong classes after she gets into an accident. Jimmy Tsai looks hilarious as C-Dub! It opens in theaters today. You can find an exclusive featurette for Ping Pong Playa here:

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