MGM dropped us a line to let us know that they have officially acquired an option to develop the UK digital graphic novel sensation “The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore” as a possible television series. The announcement was made on August 19th, 2008 by Chris Ottinger, the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Television at MGM.

“The Many Worlds of Jonas Moor is an exciting digital graphic novel that’s creating quite a sensation abroad,” said Ottinger. “We see this as a great concept that will make an exciting series for worldwide audiences.”

“MGM is a great place for THE MANY WORLDS OF JONAS MOORE,” said Howard Webster, creator, producer and director of the project. “There has never been a black British action hero before and what appealed to me was that MGM understood this from the outset. JONAS MOORE is sophisticated, educated, tough and uber-cool. He represents the next generation of intelligent action heroes of international sci-fi drama.”

The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore, which was written, produced and directed by Howard Webster was pitched by Ruth Vitale from The Film Collective, who brought the project to MGM and will now work as an executive producer on the project.

The short form mobile drama “The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore” is a trilogy of second-generation graphic novels specifically designed for the Apple Ipod and PC.

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