Warner Bros. Pictures released the latest movie poster from the upcoming DC comic book adaptation “Wonder Woman”.

Synopsis: Wonder Woman is Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta and a former princess of the Amazons of Themyscira. She is the reincarnated spirit of a human child who died in her mother’s womb almost 30,000 years ago, brought to life by several Greek goddesses to combat the schemes of Ares, God of War.

These Greek goddesses, as well as Hermes, the messenger god, funneled the spirit into a clay sculpture crafted by Hippolyta, bringing it to life. Given special powers by each of these Olympians, Diana secretly entered a tournament designed to find the worthiest Amazon, who would go forth and confront the War God’s evil. She won and, as Themyscira’s champion, defeated Ares before he could bring about a nuclear holocaust.

Dubbed “Wonder Woman” by the press (and named after her mother, who later traveled back in time to World War II, where she used the name and garb of Wonder Woman), Diana became Themyscira’s ambassador to the outside world, called “Patriarch’s World” by the Amazons.

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Wonder Woman Movie Poster

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18 thoughts on “Brand New Wonder Woman Movie Poster”
  1. This is going to be really cool, I hear that Joss Whedon is off of the project though, I was really looking forward to that.

  2. Megan Gale should portray WW in both the solo film as well as the JLA one. It would help with continuity, not to mention, she’s clearly the best choice for the role. She’s unknown, physically resembles WW in the same way that Lynda Carter embodied the character. She’s the perfect height. And she nailed the audition reportedly.

  3. Being a fan of WonderWoman i think that the actress who will play her should be gorgeous not just your ordinary girl. Remember she’s a PRINCESS. The movie ,to me, should make a statement. A woman with long beautiful hair, a nice body and, of course gorgeous face is the one for this movie. Right now your probably like psshhh.! but several fans like myself would be extremely dissapointed if someone playing the role of a -superhero goddess -loooked like your everyday girl “/….

  4. I will be supremely pissed if Megan Fox is set to be Wonder Woman. Megan Fox is beautiful, I will not argue that. But Wonder Woman was my hero as a child, and still is today. She represents strength and purity, and to me, Megan Fox couldn’t possibly encompass either of those things. She’s trashy and doesn’t have an ounce of integrity. I’ll be really disappointed if they make this choice based on looks alone. Little girls don’t have many role models or heroes like Wonder Woman. I bet I’m not the only woman who cherishes what she represents. I hope that’s not disregarded by whoever makes this movie.

  5. This isn’t the official poster. It’s something a “fan” rigged up! And judging by the interpretation here I think I know who did it…

  6. Honestly in my own opinion I thing that Lucy Lawless would make a good Wonder Woman. She has experience from Xena and she played Wonder Woman’s vocie in one of the animated direct to dvd films.

  7. I’m my opinion I think Lucy Lawless should play Wonder Womann. She has played Xena and that is great enough experience. And not to mention she played Wonder Woman vocie in one of the animated films. And she did look good with the dark hair when she was Xena and the outfit just change it up a bit and it can look like Wonder Womans so like I said in my Opinion Lucy Lawless.

  8. If you want a dike playing the part of WW, then Lucy Lawless is a perfect role, however, I personally don’t see her acting as WW. If Megan Fox can get it off the ground, (not to mention adding a little more muscles to her skinny little frame), she would have my vote as well. But there’s got to be a better actress out there for WW.

  9. Look up an actress named PRIYANKA CHOPRA and tell me what you all think of her playing Wonder Woman. She has the look and the beauty. and she’s an actress from India.

  10. I agree about Priyanka Chopra – but does she speak english well enough? I’ve only seen her in Love Story 2050 and Don which are both mostly hindi.

  11. I completely agree with KnickersMagee that Megan Fox is not the right person to play WonderWoman. You just can’t cast a “dark haired barbie w/ a brain the size of a peanut” as WonderWoman. As KnickersMagee Says:”But Wonder Woman was my hero as a child, and still is today” so she is to many women young and old to this day. Her character deserves the respect and dignity that it demands. I think Lucy Lawless could very well pull it off as she has a strong persona about her and she can pull off the image with her height and physical image.. And I am pretty sure that she can pull it off without a “dike image” as some ppl. seem to be so concerned about.

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