Below you will find a link to the partial draft of the first chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s latest book “Midnight Sun: Edwards Version of Twilight” that was illegally released and spread virally across the internet.

A feature film based on Stephenie’s book “Twilight” by director Catherine Hardwicke and starring Kristen Stewart (Panic Room), Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix), Elizabeth Reaser (The Family Stone), Nikki Reed (Thirteen), Peter Facinelli (The Scorpion King), Jackson Rathbone (Hurt), Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down), Billy Burke (Untraceable) and Ashley Greene (Shark) will be released on November 21, 2008.

Click Here to download the manuscript of “Midnight Sun: Edwards Version of Twilight” from Stephenie Meyer’s official website.

Twilight Movie Poster from Stephenie Meyer

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27 thoughts on “Read Midnight Sun Edwards Version of Twilight Partial Draft from Stephenie Meyer”
  1. I think that it is horrible for people to be reading something that is not ready to be read! There is a reason that Stephenie Meyer hasn’t published Midnight Sun (yet) and it is exactly for this reason. True fans and lovers of the Twilight series would never read this partial draft of midnight sun. It is horrible that it was ILLEGALLY posted on the internet to begin with-you shouldn’t be aiding the problem by promoting your readers to read the draft that you ILLEGALLY posted.

  2. This is not illegally posted, this is directly from Stephenie’s website. She would like people to read this ‘edited’ version instead of the one that was illegally posted. Follow the link, you’ll find that it takes you to her website.

  3. I know that she did this but that was AFTER if was illegally posted. All I’m trying to say is that I think it’s a shame someone would go and ruin it all for everyone else. I don’t like that even she put the draft on her website, even though i understand why she did so. I just think that waiting until the full, edited and finished book comes out would be infinitely better than reading a half finished, unedited draft.

  4. you have to finish the story…PLEASE!

    this book is my life you eed to finish it.
    you have to write edwards version of each of the stories. i love this series.

  5. I am furious for Stephenie that it got leaked! And I do agree that it shouldn’t be read.

    Having said that though, after reading the first chapter (which was published in the back of “Twilight”) I googled Midnight Sun to see if it was published yet. When I read on her site about the leak, and saw that she had posted her draft on her site, I couldn’t help myself. I did read it (the whole thing in about 4 hours) and it was brilliant.

    I can only say that I will be first to buy the book when it’s released, and I will read it from cover to cover. In no way did I find the draft flawed or unfinished (apart from actually being only half finished).

    I’m probably a biased reader, because I’m completely swept up in the story. And in my defense, when I read the draft I hadn’t heard that she was back on track to finish it. I thought I was getting as close as I would ever be able to get to reading it. It was only after finishing her draft that I went wildly searching for a way to write to her to DEMAND that she finish it :) And then found out she WAS planning to.

    Now that I know (or am choosing to believe) that she’s finishing the story, there is a part of me that wishes I hadn’t read it, BUT having said that, I AM really glad I read it.

    To each their own.

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  7. Midnight Sun was a brilliant piece of character analyzation (her true intent turned into Midnight Sun)…she should definately finish the book and I agree that she should continue with the rest of the series in the same way but not only through Edward

    Twilight -> Edward’s version (Midnight Sun)
    New Moon -> Jacob’s version
    Eclipse -> Cullen family version
    Breaking Dawn -> Family and Friends version

    And just think about it…she’s left herself wide open for a Jacob and Nessie story…and what about Leah? This series could thrive more than she knows…

  8. I want to read this unfinished draft of Midnight Sun so VERY bad. lol
    But i know if I start reading it I’ll be capitavated and want MORE.
    My suggestion is not to read it and wait till its published.
    You know you’ll be one of the first people to snag it from the book store. ;)

  9. Dear stephany i really want you to publish and finish midnight sun i have really enjoyes the rest of the saga and can not find a book as good as it, now that you have finished the series i have got nothing to read and i would deeply appreciate it if you could inspire me again with midnight sun but it is your choice

  10. I really would like to see Midnight Sun being published so i can read it! I think its terrible how it was put onto the internet before it was even finished. Just because of this stupid muck up does’nt mean stephanie does’nt have to finish Midnight Sun, even if i did read it off the internet i would still buy it when/if it gets published. :)

  11. I´m confused. You guys talk like there´s going to be a 5th book, like even with this dratf gone in the web she is going to publish, Midnight Sun. Can anybody clear this for me?
    Don´t get me wronge. Im luking fowerd to the 5th book, is just that I dont wanna get my hops up if there is no chance of the 5th book hapening.
    And even if this copy is not edited and finish I´m sure that is genius like all she does. I´ve reasently read all of the books in four days. i didnt sllep at all. Thats how good I find them, I wasn´t able to take my mind or my eyes of the pages.
    Plase just someone tell me what to spect. Thats all I ask.
    Thanks any ways, and I hope you guys enjoy those books like I did.

  12. Oh, by the way, I don´t seam to be able to download the draft in this site. Will any one be so kind as to send it to me or give me another site that may work better? Im losing my mind over here.
    This is my email:

    PS: There is no doubt that her real fans will by the book ones she finish. If She does.

  13. hey i always wanted to read edwards side of the story before i even new midnight sun was out,
    once i found out about it i was thrilled, but 4 u maybe not publishing it, id say it would be a mistake, i think that midnight summer would be a bigger hit than the whole twilght series…

  14. i dont think you should read this stephenie myeres may not finish writing the book because some1 illeagally posted it on a website and now every1 is reading it i know these books are addictive but stephenie isnt even done writing it!!

  15. i wish there was like a 5th twilight book!!!!!!! when i started reading these books i couldnt stop and i am only in the 6th grade!! i hate to read??? i cant even believe i read it, it was so long but SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME and ADDICTIVE!!!!!

  16. She has said she will finish and publish Midnight Sun.She is working on it now and she has also started a bit on Jacob

  17. I Just WAnt edward,
    and i thnk its really unfair that some one did that. i realy realy want the book to come out and im so glad that stephany changed her mind and carried on with the book evan tho its only beeing done in her spair time. and i know she also wants the book published but dosant have a lot of spare time. This book is going to be amazin it says on her website that shes only halfway and its over 300 pages, i carnt wait to read it its going to be amazing.

  18. I only became a fan of Twilight in May. I love vampire stories, which is why I wanted to see it. After watching the movie well let’s just say quite a few (understatement) times, I decided to read the books. I am not a reader…but I read all but Twilight since I had seen the movie in about a week and a half. I fell in love with them. Then I read Twilight. I tried to take my time reading 150 pages during the week, but then came the weekend and OMG!!! I finished it. I keep reading them over and over. Then I found the download for Midnight Sun at her website. I think it is deplorable how she was betrayed by the people she trusted. I can say though that I think it is a mistake for her not to finish the book. Whatever the situation…the fans are going to love and buy and read it over and over. I am giddy just thinking about having the book to go with the others. I understand how she must feel, a creation is like a child to a writer. But it would be a shame if this does not happen. I really love this book.

  19. I wonder if she will bring the book out when she thinks every bodys forgot about it. i really hope she does i was looking forward too reading it. because theres already a point from Bella an Jacob (Taylor & Krisien) i will be good i bet!! i love all the twilight books!!1

  20. If Stephanie dont publish midnight sun it would be SUCH a dissapointment, iv read the draft on the official website, and its amazing, i hope that i get to read the book if its released, if not, sites like these will no doubt be boycotted by fans coz it will be their fault!!!!
    i think these sites sholud be removed because they are technically illegial, apologise to Stephanie, and allow her to release HER book LEGALLY!!!!!

  21. i think it is always legal to read midnight sun before it is publishedor whatever. after all i am curious. and curiosity kills me. i wll hav 2 admit that stephenie knows how to attract people.

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