Almost a year ago it was announced that Greg Berlanti, the TV writer and producer of shows like Dawson’s Creek, Brothers & Sisters, and Eli Stone, would be directing the live-action adaptation of DC Comics character Green Lantern, the name used by the green-clad interstellar police force are collectively known as the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps use powerful weapons called Power Rings which can create almost anything the Lanterns can imagine, helping them patrol sectors of space and defend justice. Comic Con recently got a chance to sit down with writer Marc Guggenheim, a writer on Eli Stone as well as a writer for various comic titles like The Flash and Punisher, to talk about a variety of his current projects, including his work with Greg Berlanti.

It’s been almost a year since then and Guggenheim, who’se been working on the script along with Michael Green, says, “I’ve been working my ass off on Green Lantern,” he said, then laughed. “I’m ready for a weekend off. I really can’t say too much about it. I’ve sworn a blood oath of secrecy. I will tell you it features Hal Jordan and is an incredibly faithful rendition of the character. It honors everything everyone loves about the hero. We approach it from a fan’s perspective. Every step of the way, we ask ourselves what we want to see and what the fans will want to see. I think we have a script that will actually satisfy on those levels. Right now I’m just doing a rewrite for the studio with Greg [Berlanti] and Michael [Green].”

Green Lantern first debuted in comics in 1940 in All-American Comics #16 as the character Alan Scott, though arguably the most popular character to bear the name, Hal Jordan, premiered in DC Comic’s Showcase! #22, in 1959.

Green Lantern Comic Book Cover

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