Variety is reporting that Kenneth Branagh, known for directing and starring in the big-screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tale of bloody war and intrigue, Henry V, is in talks with Marvel Studios to direct the film adaptation of the comic company’s character Thor, the God of Thunder. And while Marvel’s choice of Branagh seems odd to some, many point to his recent resurgence onstage in London in “Ivanov” to critical success, as well as his upcoming roles in the notorious Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise “Valkyrie” and “The Boat That Rocked”, directed by Richard Curtis. There is a tentative scheduled release date of 2010 for the upcoming “Thor” project with no official distributor.

Kenneth Branagh Still

The character was introduced in 1962 and is best known for being the alter ego of the crippled medical student and later doctor Donald Blake, who had only to strike his walking stick to the ground to transform into the god Thor. The character had a variety of adventures and would grapple with various villains including his half-brother, the trickster god Loki, and was known for being a founding member of the Marvel superhero group the Avengers alongside fellow Marvel character and recent big-screen star Iron Man. The character has had a recent relaunch of his solo title that has also brought rave reviews.

Thor Comic Book

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By Costa Koutsoutis, (Source: Variety)

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