Variety is reporting that TV channel the CW is preparing to start production on a TV series based on Batman’s original sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder. To be more precise, the series, which is being compared to the channel’s current origins series “Smallville”, which focuses on a teenaged Clark Kent, aka Superman, the series will focus on the early pre-Robin days of the original sidekick of the Batman, Dick Grayson.

Batman and Robin TV Show Still

Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, the executive producers of “Smallville”, are the minds behind “The Graysons”, which will focus on Dick “DJ” Grayson’s life before he takes on the Robin persona under the tutelage of Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Grayson, the son of murdered circus acrobats, is adopted by Batman’s civilian persona of Bruce Wayne, and later the boy is inducted into the ranks of Batman’s allies to fight for crime and justice as Robin, the red-and-yellow high-flying caped crimefighter. The character was first introduced in 1940, and persists to this day, though the character “grew up” a bit and now fights crime in the Batman mythos as Nightwing and even has his own solo title under that moniker, while the Robin title has passed to several other teen sidekicks for Batman, the most current being Tim Drake.

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