Check out a brand new movie clip from the web series “Prom Queen”, the first “studio” original serialized drama conceived specifically for the internet by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. “Prom Queen” will be available on DVD October 7th, 2008.

Synopsis: Love. Betrayal. Sex. Gossip. Deception . . . and that’s just before third period.

Every young girl grows up wanting to be Prom Queen. And for the students of Edward Adams High, it’s not only a tradition but an ideology—and for some, an obsession. Little do they know that there lurks a secret that threatens to unravel the institution forever.

As usual, senior year is full of characters—some hot, some not—who all have their eyes turned toward Prom, the night when dreams come true. Sweethearts will split apart, friendships will be tested, hearts will be broken . . . lucky for them, summer is just around the corner.

Still reeling from Prom Night, with high school finally behind them, the former classmates are certainly due for a vacation. And what better place to escape to than Mexico? Catch up with the former students of Edward Adams High in Prom Queen’s next chapter, Summer Heat, as they embark on a summer of fun, adventure and mystery. Watch as relationships ignite, pasts flare up and the mystery continues to blaze in Summer Heat.

Bonus features include: new cast interviews, never-before-seen gag reel, commentary from creators and cast, video blogs, and a photo gallery.

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