1. The last time we spoke with you was in 2006, you had just finished “The Wicker Man” with Nicolas Cage. You’ve done many movies, television and print since then, could you tell us some highlights?

Wow it has been a long time! lol. Since then I’ve done a couple more horror films, “Day of The Dead” which came out earlier this year, also I have “Blood a Butchers Tale” coming out in January. I’ve also done some non-horror projects like “Finding Bliss” with Leelee Sobieski, its a comedy about the porn industry, an also the action flick “Lies & Illusions” with Christian Slater.

2. Tell us about your experience working on Steve Miner’s “Day of the Dead”.

We had a great time, we shot in Bulgaria. We had a great cast of talented actors, an I was really proud to be a part of this film.

Christa Campbell Christian Slater in Lies & Illusions

3. You’ve done countless Horror films, how about some non-horror titles?

Ahhh yes I was just talking about this, last year I did the action picture “Hero Wanted” with Cuba Gooding Jr., and this year “Finding Bliss” and “Lies & Illusions”.

4. How about “Labor Pains” with Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay was very sweet, she’s a very talented actress. My friend Lati Grobman produced this film, she asked me if id like to pop in an do a really funny scene with Lindsay, an I got to be pregnant, so I said why not! It may be the first an last time you’ll see me like that! :)

5. You also recently worked with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta on “Hero Wanted”, can you tell us about that?

We also shot hero wanted in Bulgaria, that was a fun shoot, we had so many men on that shoot, and I was the only girl. We had a really fun cast, and of course Cuba, he is amazing. He is such a talented actor, he gets so involved with the process which is soo nice, he had so many ideas for my character, it was amazing. He’s so open and talented, I’ll always tell everyone he’s my favorite!!

Christa Campbell in Lies & Illusions

6. Of all of the recent films that you’ve done, which is your most memorable roles?

I loved shooting “Lies & Illusions”, mostly because I got to play a tough FBI agent, and I did a ton of fight scenes. I did ton of shooting, I love action its soo much fun!

7. How did you prepare for that role?

We had to do fight training, I was filming bliss at the time so when I had a day off I flew back to LA to train, it was tiring,a lot of kicks, sweeps, fighting, was crazy.

8. Any new projects in the works?

There are a few, but I can’t speak of them right now : shhh. Thank you so much, its always a pleasure. – Christa

Christa Campbell in Lies & Illusions

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