The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences said on Wednesday that it will allow movie trailers to be broadcast during the 2009 Oscars ceremony. This will mark the first time the academy will do such a thing.

Academy Awards Oscars

However, there are numerous restrictions on the advertisements:
– They can not promote any nominated film, nor any prequel or sequel.
– Only films that are scheduled to open in April 2009 or later can be promoted.
– Each distributor will be allowed to purchase one 30- or 60-second commercial, and each can promote only one film.
– The selected movie trailer may not have aired prior to the telecast of the Oscars ceremony.
– Only one movie spot can be broadcast during any commercial break.
– None of the spots will be permitted to use the terms “Oscar” or “Academy Award.”

In related news, it was announced that Hyundai will replace General Motors as the Oscar telecast’s primary automotive sponsor. GM said last month that it was withdrawing from Oscar sponsorship because of the high cost of a commercial during the show, estimated at $1.8 million.

The 81st Academy Awards is scheduled for February 22nd, 2009 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. No host has been selected as of yet.

By Tessa Petrocco

By Tessa Petrocco

Tessa Petrocco is a freelance graphic designer and media professional. She graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University in 2007, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media Production. She moved to New York City that same year, where she worked as the Editorial Assistant and Content Coordinator for a popular film review website. Tessa enjoys spending time with her dog and boyfriend, knitting, volunteering and being a one-woman film reviewer.

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