With the upcoming “Quantum of Solace”, the latest James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig as the womanizing, martini-drinking, and hard-fighting British spy, opening November 14th 2008, all eyes are slowly turning on the British spy, based on English writer Ian Fleming’s book series and first appearing on film in 1962’s “Dr. No”, which starred Sean Connery as James Bond.

Comcast On Demand today announced that through Nov. 30th, for the first time, all the James Bond movies will be available in HD. This news comes just as Comcast also announced that more than 1,000 HD movie choices are now available, through On Demand. Comcast will also be featuring a variety of special Bond-related features, including clips from “Quantum of Solace” and two Bond documentaries.

Also, ever wonder just how much the suave Bond might be worth? Well now you don’t have to, as November’s Conde Nast Portfolio, out Thursday, calculated that James Bond has made almost $13.8 billion since he first appeared in print in 1953, thanks to a combined total coming from $1 billion in books, $12 billion in movies, and $812 million in video game sales. This makes Bond one of the most lucrative fictional characters in history, even beating out JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and DC Comic’s Batman.

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By Costa, (Source: USA Today)

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