Watch the latest music video “Gimme Chemicals” from The Pink Spiders from their latest album Sweat It Out.

Short Bio: Fronted by charismatic singer-songwriter-guitarist Matt Friction, power-pop band The Pink Spiders has gained almost as much notoriety for their exploits, attitude and iconic look, as they have for the catchy and explosive sound they generate. Infamy and chaos has followed them since they first stormed onto the Nashville music scene in 2004 with their self-released debut The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over.

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One thought on “The Pink Spiders Music Video Gimme Chemicals”
  1. Definitely their best vid to date. A great song and the video showcases MF’s enormous gob with the distorted lens. Makes me smile. A “white on white revival” that disintegrates is a strong visual link to the lyrics. It captures the stage show energy, but is much more polished than what you’d see live. I wish I knew why there is a tiger — seems random.

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