Sweat It Out Review

Out on Mean Buzz/Adrenaline Records, “Sweat It Out” is the third full-length release from Nashville, Tennessee, released in September of this year.

OK there really isn’t any way to do this nicely, so let’s just do it. This isn’t a very good record, at all. Seemingly embracing the more prevalent dancey and hip aspects of mainstream-appropriated indie music that has grown in popularity over the past few years, the Pink Spiders’ effort here doesn’t really do anything other than retread on already beaten-down-to-dirt ground. It’s the combination of attempts at being both “raw” and “rock ‘n roll” (if the multiple references to girls, sleeping on the floor, drugs, and tequila didn’t already try to do in the lyrics) as well as hip and “danceable”, aiming at the crossover area of dance-rock and post-punk crowds in clubs as well as dingy bar shows.

And while that could be forgiven as it’s not exactly a crime they alone are guilty of, there was the nagging feeling that I got listening to this record that I’ve heard all these songs before, by other already-popular acts. Don’t ask me why I’ve been listening to them, but at times I swore that this album is basically repurposed Panic At The Disco songs.

If “lite” attempts at old-fashioned and raw rock ‘n roll is really what you’re craving, then by all means pick up “Sweat It Out”, a few tracks of which, including the single “Gimme Chemicals”, can be found at their Myspace page here. Otherwise, this is pretty much good for being used for CD hockey or as a really shiny coaster.

By Costa Koutsoutis

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