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Listen to Jesus Was a Democrat from Everclear


Listen to Jesus Was a Democrat from Everclear

Art Alexakis of Everclear has never been subtle about his political leanings and activism. The outspoken Democrat has testified before Congress, worked the campaign trail and even represented his district’s interest as a delegate at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. In a time of fear of what another 4 years of GOP reign could mean for the country, Alexakis has decided to make a statement – “Jesus Was A Democrat.”

With a hard hitting song title and lyrics like, “Jesus Christ was a left wing radical Jew / Murdered by People like you” as well as “And he wouldn’t vote for John McCain” the message is clear, and by no means sugar coated.

Everclear has made the song available for free download on the band’s MySpace and official page

Click Here to listen to “Jesus Was a Democrat”.

Jesus Was a Democrat Album Cover Everclear

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