Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has given an update on the status of the latest film installments of Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure as well as the upcoming version of The Lone Ranger:

“We’ve sat with the writers and we’re working up the story and plotlines right now [for Pirates 4 and National Treasure 3]. They’re in the process of finishing The Lone Ranger so they’re working on both of those simultaneously, same set of writers, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, who did all three Pirates and worked on National Treasure 2. I think they’re pushing towards 2012.”

Jerry Bruckheimer and Verbinski Red Carpet

Despite seeming like a long time, Bruckheimer may have no other option to wait due to Pirates director, Gore Verbinski, to finish two of his productions that are already in production.

The first of Verbinski’s films, Bioshock, is based on a video game of the same title and focuses on the main character, Jack, who survives a plane crash in 1960 and must explore the underwater dystopian city of Rapture andsurvive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. It is set for release in 2010.

, Verbinski’s second film, is an animated film in which a household pet goes on a journey of self-discovery. Its release date is set for 2011 and also stars Pirates actor Johnny Depp.

By Tessa Petrocco

By Tessa Petrocco

Tessa Petrocco is a freelance graphic designer and media professional. She graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University in 2007, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media Production. She moved to New York City that same year, where she worked as the Editorial Assistant and Content Coordinator for a popular film review website. Tessa enjoys spending time with her dog and boyfriend, knitting, volunteering and being a one-woman film reviewer.

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