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The CW Cancels Plans For The Graysons


The CW Cancels Plans For The Graysons

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. and the TV network the CW are scrapping plans for “The Graysons”, a “Smallville”-style show about the pre-Boy Wonder days of Dick Grayson, known in the Batman mythos as the first Robin.

The CW was initially counting on “The Graysons” to fill the void of the likely end of “Smallville”, which tells the story of a young pre-Superman Clark Kent growing up and discovering his powers and heritage, but Jeff Robinov, the Warner Bros group prexy, pulled the plug, though he’d initially given the concept his blessing when first announced. The studio announced that the show would not fit in with immediate future plans for the Batman franchise.

Dick Grayson first appeared in comics in 1940 in the pages of DC’s “Detective Comics”, the son of the famous Flying Graysons trapeze family. His parents killed by blackmailing gangsters, the boy is adopted by millionaire Bruce Wayne, also known as the vigilanted Batman, who was in the crowd the night they died. Batman eventually decides to induct the boy into his crusade for justice, moved by memories of his own parents’ murder. Over time Robin eventually leaves Batman to become the hero Nightwing, and several characters since then have taken up the Robin mantle, the latest being a boy named Tim Drake.

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