Here’s the complete walkthrough for another new point and click escape the room game “Escape from the Cave Room”. Click Here to play Escape from the Cave Room.

1. Examine the Matches in your inventory, open the box and strike one. Touch it to the wick on the blue Lantern in the center-left of the screen to light it. (N.B. This is tricky and may take several attempts, aim for the lower central area).

2. Go left twice and take the Bucket from the right hand side of the rockpile. Click it on the water stream to fill it.

3. Click the rock in the top row, second from the left to make it fall and zoom in on the gap. Take the Zodiac Card from the bricks in the top right corner.

4. Zoom out and go right twice. Empty the Bucket into one of the large cylinders, and repeat for the other cylinder (NB. When both are full, a keyhole should be revealed in the background.) Note that if you click in the left cylinder, the number “524” appears. Take the Stick which rises in the right cylinder.

5. Go right once and note down the number under the “Remenber” sign. This number is different in every game. Put your Zodiac Card in the square receptacle under the numbers.

6. Go right twice to the scene with the golden ball. Experiment with dragging the ball to a location on the screen and releasing it to make it fly upwards. By placing the ball just above the floor/wall line at the bottom of the screen and DIRECTLY UNDER the hole you’re aiming at, it should go into the hole and come back out of the lower slot.

7. Throw the ball so that it goes into the left-hand hole twice, and the right-hand hole once, without once dropping the ball. A bat holding the Key will appear.

8. Examine the Bucket in the inventory and use the Stick on it. The bat will die. Pick up the Key and go right once to use it in the keyhole.

9. Pull the red lever and go into the next room. Turn left and put in the number from below the “Remenber” sign from earlier.

10. Turn right twice and put in the H20 number + 22, ie. 524 + 22 = 546. Press the green button by the door, then go back to both number input signs and press the text under your input. Each set of white doors will slide open, giving up two more Cards.

11. At this point you can leave by clicking on the buttons and the door. The doors will open and the game will end.

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