Here’s the complete walkthrough to the latest point and click escape the room game “Museum Escape”. Click Here to play Museum Escape from

1. Go right to second room, Click Dinosaur skeleton, take rib bone. Go left … back to first room.

2. First room: In front on floor, take the stone knife. At the table on the left side take chisel at the right side of knives. Above table, swords and

shield, at the left sword the handle is a handle piece take it. Click piano, right inner side of right side of piano click the wooden piece. (middle part of

the right wood that sticks out) Click Caesar Statue, click his head, click the black thing in his hair a couple of times so the Olive leaves Crown comes off.
Click the arab men at the door, click his head and use the Olive leaves crown. A hidden floor panel will open up, click it, use rib bone on it, take out the

sword, click the sword again and use stone knife on the handle. Take Metal piece that comes out.

3. Go right to the second room, Dinosaur room: click the grinder on the floor, put wooden piece in handle it will spin (no use now, moved lady in first

room). Click on the table, take 3 keys, click them all to be sure you got 3 keys. Click the oil lamp, put it at the left side of the cabin.

4. Click first key in inventory, DONT click use !!! … use Stone knife on the ring of the key, click the ring ! Do the same with second key, and use
stone knife to get little piece of thirth key. (click little thing so it will go in inventory). Click Metal piece, put first ring at right side
of metal piece and little thing from thirth key under the metal piece,you made a new key. Click the door next to the Dinosaur, Open the door with key.

5. Chestroom : click the coins left to the chest, take horse coin. Click behind left back corner of chest, take penny coin. Click picture, look at drops,

take head coin. Click the Eagle at the right side, take thirth feather from the left top wing. Click second tombstone, use feather on it, take another head

coin. Go out of room.

6. Dinosaur room : You see a snake on the table of the keys, click it and use all the coins + the circle (ring from key) on the head. Snake gives you a key,

click at the tail end.

7. First room : use key from snake at door, where the lady and men are. Click “Back” and go to the box next to the door at the right side, use Sword handle

piece as a handle to open the box, Use chisel to remove the screws,take fuse out, back out ones, you will see the other room, forward twice, take diamond and

use as a light to find a chest at the same place where you find the diamond. In that chest is a key, take it. Back out 4 times, click fusebox, put fuse in.
(I know its hard clicking in the dark, but i know you can do it, you’ve seen the spot be4).

8. Go to the chest room: open chest with key. You see a glass box, click it and Use diamond to get prism out.

9. Go to the Dinosaur room: click the cabin with the oillamp. Put the prism on top of the round stand, take the diamond and put it at the left side of the

prism (between lamp and prism).

Your out!

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